Preliminary of Australia

Introduction of The Tournament

PUBG ZIMO Australia Invitational will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre from the 25-27 of April 2018. The tournament will be one of the best PUBG events in the world with a total prize pool of $150,000 Australian dollars. The event will be decorated with super large war-zones, tactical rooms, an amazing main stage as well as the audience area. We aim to create the benchmark of PUBG offline competition.

Tournament Prize

PUBG ZIMO Australia Invitational Final TournamentTotal prize pool $150,000 AUD


Competition Guideline

1. All participants need to be formally registered. Keep an eye on your phone open and stay tuned for email updates.
2. After successful registration, all the information will be submitted for approval. The progress and results are available for all constants at the registration look-up window.
3. All cheating or external cheating software is strictly prohibited. Players will be disqualified if caught cheating.
4. All participants of the Australian preliminary will fight for qualification to the PUBG ZIMO Australia Invitational. The list of qualified contestants will be announced and all the qualified teams will be informed formally.
5. the final team members must meet the following requirements:
①. The team needs to provide proof that all team members can attend the Australian invitational tournament at the specified time.
②. If the participants are not in Australia base, we do not provide visa assistance or traveling costs.
6. For team members, they are required to meet at least one of the following conditions:
①. The team is naturally from Australia and New Zealand.
②. At least 50% of the players in the team are residents of New Zealand, Australia, or study and work in New Zealand, Australia for more than half a year. (starting at least 50% of the official competition)
③. The participating teams are registered in Australia or New Zealand and have cooperative relations with local registered enterprises or clubs (subject to the contract).
④. To obtain the official approval or government accreditation of Australia and New Zealand to represent the country fight for the coming tournament.


Australian Preliminary

PUBG ZIMO Australia Invitational

25/04-27/04Solo FPP mode
Squad TPP mode

Competition Regulations

For Participated Teams

The Australian preliminary is open to public, no limitation on players nationality. All registered teams must represent for Australian and New Zealand in the final tournament.

Team Allocation

The registration window will be closed once reach the maximum team number of 80. We don't accept for same team attend both online and offline .
All 80 teams will be divided into four groups A, B, C, D. Each group with 20 teams, and only the top 10 teams among each group will be promoted to the final over two weekends.

Final of Australian Preliminary

All 40 teams will be divided into two groups, G, H with 20 teams in each group. Over two weekends, both Saturdays will play with ranking-priority judge system and both Sundays will play with kill-priority system. Only the top 2 best overall teams can win qualification to the PUBG ZIMO Australia Invitational tournament.

statement about VAC banned player's regulations:

·This tournament prohibited all players with banned history of PUBG VAC official record (including different account numbers but with direct relationship to the same player) Once found, disqualified from the team list immediately.
·This competition prohibited players with banned history of all other FPS game VAC official record within 3 years other(including different account numbers but with direct relationship to the same player) Once found, the tournament committee will send an warning to the clan. The team need to eliminate the player with bad records immediately while they can find substitute to fill the gap or update with new contestants who can meet all the participating conditions.

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